Monday, November 17, 2003



luv BYates

Monday, November 10, 2003

Im weird. Ok there's two squirrels.....(oh god i cant spell...i think thats right i dunno who cares...) that i watch every single morning and its really odd cuz i think its the same two squirrels EVERY single morning. They look like they have the greatest they're married or together or something. Or maybe one squirrel just likes to torture the other one and the first one is desperately trying to get away from the 2nd one. Ahhh i dunno. I love squirrels...or how ever u spell the lil bastards.

Well i did something for the first time today that i always make fun of other people for doing. Vivian went home after spanish sick and Travis wasnt at school yet so i was like hmmm wuddado. I ventured to the library and sat down in one of the huge fluffy chairs and slept for like 45 mins. Every time ive ever gone to the library and see those people who fall asleep all weird and funny in chairs ive laughed at them. Now i realize its a DAMN good idea. I woke up tho not knowing where i was at and that was kinda scary. For some reason today ive been very very tired.

Yesterday on the way home zac and i saw a dead cow on the side of the road. A DEAD COW. Not a skunk..or possum...but a huge black COW. Haha. It scared me actually. Whoever hit that their car has to be like in shambles.

My bed looks orgasmic right was the cheesecake factory in the woodlands on sunday. My family took me there b4 i left and it was sooo good. As always. I got the penis looking shrimp scampie mmm hahaha....caro gie al u know.

Maayyyyyybe ill go shave my legs right now yah since i havent in like two weeks. Seriously. Hah ew i know. I feel like im in 5th grade before i got my magical first razor in my stocking on christmas. Damn winter time and jeans. Later!

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Hola! This weekend has been amazing so far. Ill shall write about it now.

Well after i got my hair highlighted, i came home and got a lil instant message from zac asking me if i wanted to go to the hc pep rally. HELL YAH hahaha it was very very very cool seeing everybody. The pep rally itself was ehhh but i dunno i kinda felt..wut..old? Old(er) maybe. Laura Shinn and Callie came also yayy! I saw the love of my life Milly Hagerman being tossed all around in the air. The drumline has a new badass song or beat or wutever thats AMAZING. Yess. Good ol Klein High pep-rallies haha. Zac and I watched bro..and Sammy..his crazy in the stands. I think they should date.

Soo the game. Well actually before the game Tickle and Gie came over for pre-game festivities. Jen likes the freshman hahaha yah my brother and lil Vail were here and we had to give them a ride to the game and it was actually cool hangin out with them. Lil Vail is HOT ahhhh haha ewew. Gie asked my bother to Sadie...not really but i know she secretly wants him. So we piled in Gie's bug..all boys in the back..and headed to the game. TICKET TROUBLES holy crap. Ok Jennifer lost her ticket...or couldnt find it...and we spent like 4ever looking for it think the ticket was yellow like me and matts. Well mat just gave his ticket to gie and said he was gonna try to get in a a jv football player. He goes to the lil side gate but gie FINDS her ticket...which was WHITE...but matts already started trying to get in. Of course we couldnt yell out the name matt but it didnt work out for him anyways so he comes back and then we couldnt find the yellow ticket that matt hadnt given gie. It was insane but we finally found it and in we went. Everybody and their dog was there and it was at a point overwhelming. Like everyhwere i turned there was somebody. I got in trouble numerous time by the cop because first off i was on the track..alot...and everytime i seemed to get down there he would be like get back up in the stands. Second...i hopped the bearkadette/student barrier fence and he saw me haha..he called me over and was like "now why did u just jump that fence?" and i was like ummm im an ex-bearkadette and i reeeallyy didnt feel like walking all the way around and he was like "well i sould make u jump back over and walk all the way around"...i said PLEEAASEE im already here and yah so are all my bearkadette friends blah blah...and hes like "ok im nice..stay". DAMN. Seriously. Laura Shinn. i love you!! Hahah yess and u know why. Thanks again for making me feel comfortable!! Right right. Denton i love thee as well and i think i gave u about 10000 hugs.

So Klein got beat...2nd HC in a row by Klein Forest. Sucks. Oh well. So after the game jennifer and myself went to Willies. The bearkadette parent society was also there so that meant FREE Willies huge chicken nachos yumm. Denton, J Brown, Stephi, Rory, Layne, Rudin, and Carl showed up as well and it was a chicken nacho fest. The ride home was full of dancing and such. I love gie shmee and miss our car rides. When i got home tickle had left some stuff in my car so after talking to him i decided to bring it to his casa...however...i felt like the lost child of zimbabwe. I COULD NOT remember how to get to his house. I knew he lived by Priscilla...but damn. I tried calling him millions of times but no answer. My stomach was killing me so i left him a message and headed back home. I felt like death blahh.

Today i woke up to numerous phone calls...FOUR from jennifer and 1 from b handy. I called gie back and laughed ALOT...then talked to b handy and figured out when and where we were gonna have lunch. LOS CUCOS was the destination omydear it was soo good as always. Brittany and i reminised ALOT on good times of high school and talked abot college and stuff. It was great. After lunch i dropped her off and then headed to house of guitars to drop off my guitar to be re-strung and tuned. FINALLY. Im bringing it back with me to UTSA hoorahh. After that i went over and visited for a while with my nana. Left there...then went over to the Eckert residence to go see baby ANNA. Oh my gosh...she is sooosososooo cute. Sandy had to ..uhemm..breast feed for a bit haha so i sat and talked with caroline and josh or a bit. I got to hold her. Babies are so adorable....cept when they poop on you hahah right caro?!? That was freakin hilarious.

So i finally come home after a full day of being out and about and got to see and take pics with my brother in his suit. He looked so OLD and handsome aww its weird that hes going to homecoming. Wow. Time is flying by. Next thing you know ill be 21...then 30...then 40 something with teens of my own going to their homecoming ahhhh. Hah.

So right now im waiting for something to happen. I dunno wuts the plan for tonight but its still very early. Like 6. I think im gonna eat something and call Josh sooo later!

Friday, November 07, 2003

Ok ok shoot me in the head like 10000 times. I havent blogged in centuries and i know u guys are all suffering because u dont know the details of my everyday life. Ha. Well. I have been sooooooo sososo busy for the past week its not even funny. Like...right this VERY moment...i couldnt be more happy.
1. my week of school hell is over...i shall explain in a min
2. I am h-town :)
3. I got the pleasure of spending the night with miss jen gie of south africa last night..more on that too
4. Im just full of life now and not wishing that i could commit suicide...jk

So lets see....i guess ill start with Halloween night. All i have to say was my greek home made toga/ plant halo thing was absolutely amazing. Not just saying yano? Like for just getting a bedsheet and pull something outa my ass for a costume yah i'd have to say i did a damn good job. Josh was like toga braveheart man and looked beautiful as well!! Anyways so we went over to Travis Alex and Zac apt where the costume ball was at and dear god madness went on everywhere. Travis had made this killer 80's cd and i think that thats one of the things that made this party so great...THE MUSIC ahh classics such as Like A Prayer, Take Me Home Tonight, Ah-ha, I Touch Myself, the Africa song....yah the list goes on forever. Travis looked very womanly as well...make up and all haha yess. Alex was his p-i-m-p. That was g-a-y. Anyways so called it quits at like 2:00 and Josh took me back to my apt where him, kate, and I discussed like EVRYTHING that had to do with life. It was odd. I love me and kates conversations when we come in late at night...they tend to be very odd and full of laughing and rolling around on the ground. We're weird i know.

....clint falsone puked all over zacs bed.....yummy right?? Quite disgusting indeeed.

The next day...saturday i guess...i had to work. It was pull hell. But i got alot of work done - which we're about to talk about in a momento- but yah. I have bonded with one of the tennis pros..james...because yah hes such a cool guy. I was writing my paper for english about sex ed ( like i had to write a paper to a teen girl about the facts of sex and pregnancy ) and he looked over my shoulder and was like "how old are u?" and im like 18...and hes like "are u...uh...writing this paper based on um....experience?" We had a good laugh at this cuz my face was probably bright red. But hes a cool guy. Anyways work ended and i came home. Soo im talking to travis and we get this amazing idea...because mass bordom is setting get all dressed up in weird shit and go to HEB and torture our friend Vivian b/c it was like her first night to work there. Zac decides to join in the fun as well so we all find really stupid stupid clothes at the guys apt and head off to the grocery store of wonders. My poor poor car....i thought we were gonna die on the way there b/c of my brakes. You see...everytime in pushed in the brakes my car made a HUGE crunching metal on metal type noise and ive been driving with that noise for like a month now. More on that in a min. So we go in HEB and do our to vivian for a while while she sacking our pack of ramon, tomato paste, and cans of HEB soda then head out. Well ummm yah DUMBASS me locked my keys in my car. Cool huh?? Mmmhmm so i had to shell out like 35 freakin dollers and we had to wait like 45 mins for "pop-a-lock" to get there. Niiccee one Brittany. K. Oh and yah not to mention we were in our costumes...haha...the guy was like wut the hell.

After that the guys went to go see tx chainsaw massacre at like midnight and i went over to joshs and we watched Signs. That movie still scared me...yah the part were theyre in the lil mexican village and they see one walking through like an ally AHHH SCARY! So in the morning is when the bloody massacre takes place. Im pulling out from josh's apt and woah i hear a huge clang...then my brakes kinda give out and my car starts shaking like im in an earthquake. NICE RIGHT?!? Scariest thing of my life. I called josh and had him follow me at like 20 mph back to my apt...which is only like 2 mins away...but i seriously almost started crying thats how scared i was. My poor poor car couldnt even be pulled into the gates of my apt and had to sit out by the main office for 4 days. case ur wondering all is fixed now and my car works like a dream :)

Sooo i called my dad and he said he would come and fix it on was sunday. So it would be a few days of bumming rides off people to get to the places i needed to be...which was ok...cuz my friends and boyfriend love me thank god! This was from one of my previous blogs :

...." Dude...i think im gonna die of work overload. Ok we have an in class essay on friday....another 4 pager due monday because nobody read the story or wutever that we were supposed to read last night so its like PUNISHMENT...and then another huge essay due friday which in my case im gonna have to do BEFORE thurs because im heading home to houston on next thursday. Ugh. YUCK. And on top of that i have two tests on tuesday in anthropology and u.s. history that are gonna be hard as hell...then a spanish test this friday..."

I forgot to add in i had a big spanish essay due ...well i guess today...but nice nice vivian turned in all my papers for me. THANK YOU AGAIN!! But i you can see it seemed like i wrote about 50000 essays over the past 4 days...had 2 was absolute hell. I had work also so that didnt make things easier. Damn. But its alllll over now and i feel so great. No more stress :)

So yesterday i had the pleasure of having mr zac pritchett ride home with my. I think i laughed the whole way home. We listened to great music...including the new deftones cd which i had yet to was badass. We stopped in Flatonia..this lil nowhere town that has absolutely NOTHING but a mcd's. I swear im gonna win the monopoly game haha! But yah quite the joy to have him with me!!

I got home yesterday and went to my lil brohas freshman klein football game...and GIE went with me. I almost orgasmed at the site of her. Woah k but yah. She made my day. Me her and my mom all looked alike and it was wierd. She really could be a part of my family. But anyways my lil brother is amazing at football and we stayed till halftime cuz it was freezing cold with wind at stuff. After this we met up with Jimmy and Matt Tickle and had an amazing expensive dinnaa at outback. Me and Gie...minus the boys...went back and i spent the night over at her casa. I love MRS GIE to death!! I dont know how many times ive said that before. Jennifer thinks im probably obsessed...HAH she had to go to school..Klein..this morn which was funny cuz it made me feel old.

I must go get my hair highlighted now!! YAYAY progressive image i love it!!! Game tonight! More to come ...if possible...later!! Bye!

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

WOW its been like years. I dont think ive gone this long without writing anything since i went on vacation this summer for a week. Weeeiird.

However its sad because im about to head off to the universidad and really dont have time to write wut i wanna write so i PROMISE ill write like a narrative because much has gone on within this past..hmm..week. So lata!

p.s. my daddy's coming tonight!!....more later.

Friday, October 31, 2003

BOO! Its el dia de los muertos aka halloween aka AHH FUN FUN FUN tonight!! I must go to class yuck this days gonna last for EVER ugh. By the way im wearing my *new* most favorite 12$ shirt from AE that says "algebra is for lovers" and has two lil chickens on it...ITS AMAZING! hah gotta go later!

Thursday, October 30, 2003


....ahhh i cant wait!!!!!

My world geo class got cancelled YESSSSS!!! Oh happy day. Yano its weird cuz i was hoping to God that it would and as i walked to the door there was a glorious lil note :)

Im..tired. As always. Right now im watching saved by the bell - as many times as ive seen every episode theres something about it that u cant get enough of. I dunno. Weird. Today i plan to go sleep..then go shopping...then go get my paycheck YAY and go cash it...then go to my 5:30 class...then do something with travis and all them cuz hes the BIG 19 today!! Wooo and also id like to say happy b-day to caroline sanders who is now legal to buy porn, buy cigarettes, and go to clubs :)

...Hey Alex Ferber...its the saved by the bell where Rhonda is like " hey's visiting dad in the slammer and we got the house all to ourselves...and Zacks like " i dont kiss on the first date " and shes like " well lucky for us I DO " HAHAHAHHAA remember?? Ohhh the good times....

Well u know wut time it is...yah 11:29...and also time to go to sleep. Later!